ActiveSync for MDaemon: BlackBerry 10 Setup

MDaemon Messaging Server now includes support for Microsoft's ActiveSync®, which is a separately licensed over-the-air (OTA) ActiveSync (AirSync) server. ActiveSync provides synchronization of a user's default email, calendar, and contact data between their MDaemon/Webmail (WorldClient) account and an ActiveSync capable device.

ActiveSync for MDaemon installs along with MDaemon but it is a separate product from MDaemon and will only run as a trial for 60 days. After that, a one-time fee is required. The trial begins when you install MDaemon and enable ActiveSync for the first time.

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*ActiveSync does not work with MDaemon Standard version.

Enabling ActiveSync in MDaemon

MDaemon - ActiveSync

In MDaemon, ActiveSync can be enabled via a checkbox under the Setup | Mobile Device Management | ActiveSync menu.

NOTE: ActiveSync is a web-service extension and will not work if your web server (such as WorldClient) is not running on port 80 (for http) and/or port 443 (for https). ActiveSync will not work on other ports.

BlackBerry 10 Setup

    WARNING: When you enable ActiveSync for MDaemon the first time:
  • It will wipe your existing contact and calendar data and replace it with your MDaemon data. Therefore, be sure you have a complete backup of your device before synchronizing for the first time. Consult your device's manual for instructions on how to back up your device.
  • All first time syncs with ActiveSync will be a one-way sync from the server to the device. All subsequent synchronizations will be two-way.
ActiveSync for MDaemon: BlackBerry Setup
  1. Choose Settings.
  2. Within System Settings choose Accounts (Setup email, contacts, calendar).
  3. You'll see an Add Account window.
  4. Use a swipe gesture to hide the keyboard and reveal the Advanced option at the bottom of the screen, then select it.
  5. Choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
    • Note: It's important that your 'Username' value is only the bit before the @ sign in your email address as the BlackBerry will construct the logon name it sends to MDaemon using both the 'Username' and 'Domain' values you provide.
    • If you've configured MDaemon ActiveSync to run over http:// rather than https:// the 'Port' value should be changed from 443 to 80.
    ActiveSync for MDaemon: BlackBerry Setup
  6. Fill in the following fields in the Add Account dialog:
    • Description: Name it anything you like (example: MDaemon ActiveSync Account).
    • Domain: The 'domain' portion of your Email address (example:
    • Username: The 'user' portion of your Email address (example: user01).
    • Email Address: Your full Email address (example:
    • Password: Your Email password.
    • Server: Your server name (example:
    • Port: Your MDaemon ActiveSync Port (example: 443).
    • Use SSL: Choose On or Off (ask your MDaemon Administrator).
    • Use VPN: Off.
    • Push: On.
    • Synch Interval: Manual.
    • Synch Timeframe: 30 Days is fine.
  7. After completing these steps, you should be able to send and receive email successfully.