RelayFax/network fax server management software

RelayFax Screen Shots

Account Settings

The Account settings tab allows you to create and view users. RelayFax will automatically add a new address to the list of accounts in the Address Listing whenever the first fax from them is received.

Attachment Faxing

RelayFax has the ability to extract attachments and fax them automatically. The RelayFax Server will extract the document, invoke the associated application to print it and then fax the resulting image.

OCR Options

The OCR Options tab allows you to recognize documents in different languages. The OCR gives RelayFax the ability to route faxes to email addresses found within the fax or based on Inbound Fax Rules that are created by the Administrator.

Broadcast Fax Wizard

RelayFax’s broadcasting wizard makes it simple to send a fax to multiple recipients or a distribution list. You can use either a txt file, acquire names from your contact list, or an ODBC database.

Client Fax Properties

RelayFax SMTP Client make is possible to fax any document that you scan or print from your machine, sending it to the RelayFax Server. RelayFax SMTP Client will be opened automatically for completing your fax.

Inbound Fax Rules

Inbound fax rules give you the ability to route all faxes coming into your RelayFax Server. RelayFax will use these rules to determine what user each fax should be emailed to.

Mail Sources

The Mail Sources tab allows you to specify the POP3 mail hosts from which the RelayFax Server is to collect mail to be processed and faxed. RelayFax will connect to each one of these hosts to collect any waiting messages.

RelayFax Contacts

RelayFax has a built-in Contact manager to store all of your contacts, and supports storing a large amount of information for each one. You can add up to 50 fields for each contact.

RelayFax GUI

The RelayFax GUI is the main access point to all of RelayFax's options, settings, and logs.

Mail Server Settings

The mail server tab allows you to setup which mail server to send all incoming faxes too.

RelayFax Options

The RelayFax options tab allows you to setup your misc options in RelayFax. You can adjust answer time, retry count, inbound/outbound printer defaults, as well as enabling/disabling fax delivery confirmation requests.

Outbound Fax Rules

With the Outbound Fax Rules feature, you can setup rules that RelayFax will use to determine what to do with each email message that it receives.