MDaemon Email Server for Windows

MDaemon® Connector for Outlook Guidelines

For optimal performance of Outlook Connector for MDaemon with your email network please review the general recommendations and deployment considerations listed below.

General Recommendations

  • Wherever possible, using Outlook 2003 and 2007 is recommended over using Outlook 2000 and 2002 on client PCs.
  • We highly recommend using a single Outlook Connector account in a profile of its own.
  • For maximum performance, we recommend using Outlook Connector with MDaemon Pro 9 and above.
  • It is recommended that the local Outlook Connector cache file is excluded from realtime scanning by third party desktop anti-virus applications as otherwise corruption of the cache may occur.
  • It is highly recommended that Outlook should only be configured to use HTML or Plain Text format for sending emails. Outlook should not be configured to use Word as its email editor or to use Rich Text Format (RTF) — both of these methods result in emails which do not adhere to Internet standards.
  • For performance reasons, we recommend configuring Outlook Connector's 'Send/Receive' tab to only download headers and to only check the Inbox folder for new items at each Outlook send/receive — these are the default settings.
  • Regular defragmentation of the MDaemon server's hard disk is recommended for maximum performance. Server performance can be further improved by reducing the amount of logging MDaemon is doing along with moving the logs folder and user/public/queues folders to a physically separate disk.

Deployment Considerations

The list below represents issues which should be considered prior to deployment. It should not be taken as definitive or complete, and we always recommend testing the products in your own environment to ensure that compatibility and features are as required prior to purchase.

  • In Outlook 2007, custom category names/colors may not be retained after it is restarted.
  • S/MIME encoded (digitally signed) emails are not currently supported in Outlook Connector.
  • Outlook 2007 may use excessive amounts of memory if you have a large number of folders, each with thousands of messages in them where grouping is also being used. Note, this problem is also present in an Exchange 2003/Outlook 2007 installation and is not specific to Outlook Connector.
  • Outlook's search folders will only reflect changes to items if Outlook has been re-started.
  • Users with large mailboxes may experience reduced performance using Outlook Connector in comparison to using an IMAP or POP3 account. This is most noticeable when opening Outlook, when large folders are accessed for the first time, when using Outlook 2003's 'Search Folders,' or when accessing the Journal folder.
  • Outlook custom forms and custom template files (.OFT) are not currently supported by Outlook Connector.
  • The 'Activities' tab for Contacts may not work or may cause Outlook to hang (on very large profiles).
  • For performance reasons, roaming users may need to relocate their Outlook Connector cache files on a network share so that the data does not roam with their profile.
  • Compatibility with third party Outlook plug-ins and PDA synchronization software cannot be guaranteed — the trial period should be used to ensure compatibility and functionality with any important plug-ins prior to purchase.
  • Outlook Connector does not make use of PST files and so compatibility with any software which requires PST files should be checked prior to purchase. In some cases, adding an empty PST file to the Outlook Connector profile may help.
  • Blackberry's Desktop Manager synchronization tool is not compatible with the Outlook Connector client. A work around using SyncML is possible - for further information please go here.
  • Outlook Connector accounts do not support the sending of iCalendar format meeting requests.
  • In Outlook 2003, when scheduling meetings, users need to select Tools -> Check Names for the free/busy information to update.
  • To make use of MDaemon 9's free/busy service, Outlook 2000 users will need to have the Web Publishing Wizard installed (comes with Office 2000).
  • Journal folders are not yet supported inside MDaemon's WorldClient webmail interface.