Email to Fax and SMS Integration

Messaging Solutions powered by TNZ Group
  • Send Faxes from your Email Client
  • Receive Faxes sent to your Fax Number into your Email Inbox
  • Send SMS Messages from your Email Client
  • Replies to SMS Messages will be delivered back into your Email Inbox
  • Quick and Efficient Delivery of Messages with Full Reporting
  • Low Cost and Fully Featured

Fax and SMS tools can be integrated into the MDaemon Messaging Suite, as well as Exchange and any other Email or SMTP solution.

Powered by TNZ Group's cloud-based messaging platform, a fully outsourced messaging solution, there is no additional software configuration, hardware requirements or licensing costs.

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Email to SMS

SMS messages are sent straight to a mobile phone.
They are received on-the-go, allowing the recipient to respond quicker than email and with less distraction than a telephone call.
Open up a new email, enter the mobile number into the "To" section of the email, followed by, type your text message into the email and click send!
Any replies to your messages will be delivered straight back into your email inbox.

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Email to Fax

Send faxes as easily as you send email.
Open up a new email, enter the fax number into the "To" section of the email, followed by, attach your Doc, PDF or Image and click send!
Our fax servers will receive your email and send the attachment to any fax number worldwide.
Once the fax has been sent, we will send you back a delivery report.

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Fax to Email

Throw away your fax machines and receive faxes via email.
Faxes sent to your fax number will be received by our messaging platform and delivered into your email inbox as a simple PDF file!

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